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The All-On-6® Dental Implant procedure creates a permanent prosthesis by using six dental implants. It acts as anchors for a bridge or over-denture.

Six implants are positioned in the lower or upper jawbone to anchor prosthetic teeth in place permanently.

After conducting a comprehensive examination using digital x-rays and a 3D Cone Beam CT-Scan, a dentist will evaluate the anatomical structures in the mouth.

The dentist will then assess bone loss and create impressions to generate a new smile for you!

Over time, the implants positioned in the jaw will fuse with the jawbone, representing the natural roots and giving back a natural smile.

The All-On-6 procedure usually does not require a bone graft. It may be necessary, depending on the patient’s bone density. The dentist will evaluate and check the mouth before starting the procedure and advise you accordingly.

The doctor places Dental implants into the jawbone while the patient is sedated with a local anesthetic or Intravenous Sedation. A temporary prosthesis can then be attached to the implants when they heal to give you a beautiful smile on the same day!

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