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If your teeth are decayed, weakened, fractured, or missing, there arises a necessity for dental restoration.

We at Dental Care Professionals perform various dental restorations like fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants with advanced technology and utmost care to provide a natural look for your tooth(teeth)and smile.

Cavities!!! ………. Almost everyone will have to deal with a cavity at some point in their life…. No matter how well you brush, and floss unfortunately tooth decay can occur…Your genetics, food habits, and even the natural bacteria in your mouth contribute to tooth decay.

Don’t worry even if you do get a cavity, there are a variety of treatment options available to restore your tooth. If diagnosed at an early stage our dentists at Dental Care Professionals will restore it as conservative as possible. We will provide you with a piece of expert advice regarding the restoration of your tooth based on some factors. The factors may include the location and extent of decay, lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Tooth decay/Dental caries:
  • Destruction of tooth involving enamel (outer layer), dentin (inner), or pulp (vital layer) of the tooth.
  • Bacteria acts on food debris produce acids that dissolve enamel produces holes called cavities.
  • Cavities occur not only in children. In your old age when your gums pull away (because of gum disease) and expose the roots of your teeth. Sugary high carbohydrate food debris which is acted upon by bacteria leads to the production of acids which ultimately results in cavities in the root surface.
Contributing factors to caries:
  • Clingy foods and drinks
  • Poor brushing
  • A lack of fluoride
  • Dry mouth
  • Eating disorders
  • Acid reflux disease
Signs and Symptoms:
  • It depends on how big it’s and where it’s in your mouth. Originally no symptoms at all. It gets worsened when the cavity gets larger. If neglected it can lead to total destruction of a crown portion that has to be extracted.
  • Holes or pits in your teeth
  • Black, White, or Brown tooth stains
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Pain/ toothache
  • Pain while eating/ drinking (hot/ cold)
  • Pain increases while lying down
  • The pocket of pus caused by a bacterial infection (abscess)
  • Trouble chewing
Cavity diagnosis:

We at Dental Care Professionals help you in diagnosing tooth decay at a very early stage for that regular dental checkups and cleaning is mandatory. A dentist in our clinic will probe your teeth. Look for any soft spots/tooth discoloration or use X-rays to look between your teeth for caries.

How to solve this issue?

It depends on the stage when you visit our clinic. Treatment varies based on the extent of tooth decay from Simple Class I to Complex Class II-V restorations.

Cavity prevention:
  • By changing your lifestyle
  • Avoid high carbohydrate foods
  • Brush twice daily with fluoridated toothpaste
  • Floss your teeth regularly
  • Gargle with water after every meal and snacks
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol/carbonated drinks
  • Visit dentists for regular checkups
Treatment procedure:

Initially, the dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth with a drill. The following options are there to repair the decayed tooth.

  • Fillings – Initial stages our dentist will fill the hole with Silver amalgam, GIC, or Composite. It depends on the choice of material you chose.
  • Crowns – In case of badly decayed teeth but doesn’t involve pulp our dentist may recommend you to fix a crown made from gold, porcelains/PFM over the crown of the tooth.
  • RCT – It is used to repair and save a tooth that is badly damaged or becomes infected.

“Seal your cavities with fillings!
Steal others with a confident smile!!”


A treatment modality to restore missing tooth structure that occurred as a result of decay or trauma. It helps to fill the gap and protect the tooth from further decay.

Types of fillings:

  • Metal Filling
  • Amalgum Filling
  • Composite Filling
Metal filling:
  • It is a long-lasting old age filling that usually lasts for 10- 15 years.
  • The silver filling is comparatively inexpensive.
  • Gold though expensive is a preferred choice.
Amalgam filling:
  • Made of several metals combined. So, they have high strength.
  • Most researched and widely used by dentists.
Composite filling:
  • Similar to natural tooth color
  • Bonds well with the tooth structure
Metal crowns:
Porcelain / pfm:
  • Indicated when you have serious esthetic concerns.
  • Covers most of the tooth
  • Long-lasting
  • Does not stain or wear off easily
Root canal treatment

It is a golden option to save a decayed tooth. It is indicated when caries involve the pulp of a tooth. If the decay cannot be stopped in time, then the best option would be root canal treatment to restore your natural teeth. With a high-tech approach and extra attention, we at Dental Care Professionals will take care of your infected tooth and restore its health.

  • X-rays are used to locate the decay at the first appointment
  • Specific area of the tooth to be treated is numbed by using local anesthesia injection for a pain-free procedure.
  • A hole is drilled on the tooth surface of the decayed tooth to locate the root canal.
  • Once the root canal is drilled on the tooth surface of the decayed tooth to locate the root canal.
  • Once the root canal is located the dentist uses smaller files to remove the affected pulp followed by thorough irrigation of the canal
  • Our dentist will place a medicament to create a microbe-free environment.
  • Then root canals of the tooth are sealed with gutta-percha, a bio-composite material, and a temporary filling is placed on your tooth crown. To protect the damaged tooth until it is ready for a permanent restoration.
  • A house without a roof is of no use. Likewise, root canal treated tooth should be covered by the crown(porcelain/metal/PFM). A crown fits over the top of the tooth and helps protect the tooth from masticatory forces.
  • Crown strengthens your tooth and protects the tooth from further damage and maintains the efficiency of the tooth

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