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All On Four Implant

All-On-Four Implants

While speaking in public or smiling on public events will you feel less confident????

Are you having a denture/prosthesis and it gives you more trouble than support? Each missing tooth can have a negative impression on your eminence of life.

We have solutions for whatever the problems you face regarding your teeth replacement.

Just four implants can replace all the teeth in your mouth!!!you still can’t believe it!!!but it’s possible because of the innovative concept of “ALL-ON-FOUR-IMPLANTS”


It is a graft – less technology. It is ideal for people who have lost most or all of their teeth due to decay or gum disease. We place implants without bone grafting by using a set of temporary teeth placed the same day or very soon thereafter.

We simply use four implants on top and four on the bottom which act as anchors.

  • We usually place two angulated and two straight dental implants.
  • A surgical guide is used for the correct placement of implants.
  • Both flap and flapless techniques can be done.
  • After that we place a set of your new teeth (provisional denture) at the spots where these four implants are placed. Thus, restores your oral health and esthetics.
  • This set is only temporary since it takes time for dental implants to heal and fuse properly with the jaw bone. After this phase of healing it is replaced with more esthetic customized permanent set of teeth.
  • The permanent set of teeth can be fabricated from materials such as acrylic fused to titanium, monolithic zirconia, and porcelain stacked to a cobalt-chromium frame.

This will give you a natural and beautiful looking, fully functioning set of teeth—all this is in just one day!

All-on– six–(or-eight) dental implants

It is a full mouth implant supported teeth system. Depending upon the quality and quantity of available bone SIX OR EIGHT IMPLANTS are placed in the jaw to restore the arch in a natural way. These implants provide complete anchorage and support for the prosthesis and ensure the most natural look. They instantly restore aesthetics and oral function. The procedure for placement of these implants will be similar to all -on-4-implants

  • Complete retention and stability
  • Equal distribution of masticatory forces
  • Preserves available from bone resorption
  • Improved overall oral function

Whatever may be the type of implants we use advanced and innovative technology with utmost care to restore your confident and beautiful smile.

We offer best service regarding all implant related services to render a beautiful natural looking prosthesis. For any query or doubts feel free to contact us.

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