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Baral Implant

Baral Implant

A boom in the field of implantology!!!!

A longer dental implant that engages the basal cortical bone for retention is a modern implantology technique, also known as BICORTICAL IMPLANTOLOGY .

Immediate implantation and loading of basal implants for most of our patients is possible because the quality of bone is good in basal area compared to trabecular area. Basal bone is more mineralized and has more bone density. They are one -piece implants where implant and abutment are monolithically connected.


The procedure was formulated by Nobel BioCare. The procedure encompasses taking a CAT Scan of the jaw and sending it to the Nobel BioCare lab for fabrication of surgical stent and teeth. Within 2 – 4 weeks the stent is obtained. The surgery is then done and teeth are replaced on the implant in 1 hour.

  • Using high quality scanning methods bone quality is analyzed and determined.
  • With the help of advanced technology and along with the mock-ups the treatment outcome is predicted.
  • After anaesthetizing the area, the implants are placed in the thick cortical bone.
  • The amount and the quality of bone present determines the number of basal implants to be placed.
  • The jaw along with implants is subjected to digital impression.
  • The prosthesis is then fabricated.
  • The basal implants are then locked with the crown using screws and is adjusted.
  • Minimally invasive
  • Can be fixed in both the jaws
  • Suitable for people with gum diseases
  • Also apt for people with smoking and diabetes
  • Immediate implantation and loading within 72 hrs.
  • Insertion can be done with simple bone cutting.
  • Excellent stability
  • Equal distribution of masticatory forces during chewing
  • Low risk of Peri-implantitis
  • Rate of bone displacement is less
  • Reduced post-operative swelling in gums

The flaws associated with conventional dental implants are overwhelmed by the basal implants.

We at dental care professionals with advanced technology and well experienced implantologists offers you a high-quality service in implant dentistry.

If you want immediate restoration for your lost tooth with excellent stability then go for basal implants…. A right choice that perfectly looks natural.

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